LEGO Technic Bin lifter - Satellite waste collection

General specifications:

- Number of pieces: ~2000
- Size: 46x16x16 cm cm
- Weight: 1,8 Kg

Manual functions:

- Opening doors
- Opening bonnet

Remote controlled gearbox for operating 6 different motorized functions:

- A/1 Drive
- A/2 Outriggers
- A/3 Steering
- B/1 Bin lifter tipper==>loading (pneumatic function with pump cumpressor & autovalve)
- B/2 Bin lifter tipper==>dumping
- B/3 Waste collection bin tipping

Other features:

- Indipendant front suspensions
- Leaf spring rear suspensions
- Differential
- Double rear wheels


View from above


Bin lifer tipper

bin lifted